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  • Personal Training

Personalized Training around your goals and needs. Learn and adapt to all the movements needed to take your body back.

  • German Strength Training

This is a Special Kind of Training with one Goal in Mind-Making you STRONGER and lift the weights you weren't able to previously.

  • Novice Workout 1 on 1

Any new beginning is hard! This is the workout for the 'Beginner to Become'. Learn the basics and the Correct way to exercise so You are able to build the strong and solid foundation YOU need to make the next step!

Call/Text for more info about our new Military Ready Program!
  • Primal Workout 1 on 1

Discover the wild side in YOU. ​This is the perfect workout if you want to let off some steam, or if You want to burn calories quick! Using Rage Balls, TRX, Ropes, BearWalks, Jumps, Sledge,Tires, Sandbags....... you name it!

  • A-PAX workout 1 on 1

RAW Metal and YOU. Nothing more honest then that. This workout is based around building or improving Your Muscular Physique with Weights and Strength training. Barbells, Dumbbells and Bands. (NO Machines) 

  • Military Ready
 Our Military Ready program is designed around the goals and needs of future recruits who want to have an edge on the start of their military career. This program will be executed in and out of the gym regardless of weather conditions. Training will focus on strength and endurance teaching you to go above and beyond your comfort zone. Learning the right technique on how to enhance your physical abilities, such as climbing a rope or increasing your run endurance, are crucial for the training you will go through at boot camp. From my personal experience I know how important it is to prepare yourself before you go. Iron Shark Training and Mac Gym are here to help you to get that edge and mental toughness. So are you ready???

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